Worst Male Habits That Women Hate

Yes, we already know that not all men are equal, so surely not all have these bad habits, but what we do know is that many men in the world share more than one of these terrible habits.

Unfortunately, those who are part of those who do have any of these habits, are left without a partner or are always fighting with her, because we can assure you that no woman is happy to have such a man.

That’s why we have made a list with 10 habits that they hate from men, and we invite you to meet them and take note.

Yes, do not take it personally!

Worst Male Habits That Women Hate

1. Itching in the “crotch”.

Is it really necessary that you do it in public?

There is no more horrible thing than to turn around and see how they scratch or accommodate “their package.”

Do you see women scratching themselves all day?

Be aware of your actions and have a bit of pity in women’s eyes!

2. Always poking your nose.

The worst is when “without anyone seeing them”, they decide to give themselves a treat with what they got out of a nostril … Disgusting!

3. Personal hygiene.

Do you brush your teeth three times a day?

If the answer is no, please do not ask your partner to kiss you …

Do you bathe daily? Do you use deodorant?

If the answer is no, do not start to be affectionate.

Is it really hard to understand that women also like to see men properly bathed, perfumed and arranged for them?

4. They never change the paper roll, nor raise the toilet lid.

The never-ending fight between couples.

Think of women, gentlemen!

And have a little respect in the bathroom; if you had to raise the ring to urinate, as simple as that, return it to its place, there is a woman who also uses that bathroom.

If you ran out of paper, what is the cost of putting a new one?

Or do you like to run out of paper?

And the worst … If you forgot to lift the toilet lid and you get everything wet.

Dry it if you do not want the devil to appear!

5. That they can not dance …

And even worse if you know that she is a lover of the dance floor, you do NOTHING to learn to do it.

Then do not complain if another comes and dance with your girl …

6. The damn cell phone!

Whether you are having dinner, watching a movie, talking, or just having a moment together, it’s horrible to pay more attention to your phone!

7. About acting when you are sick.

It is not a secret that you can not endure so much pain as women, who are more susceptible to feeling bad and who want to be spoiled a little bit when they feel bad.

But that of becoming the sufferers and exaggerating your symptoms to the point of being on the verge of death … Please!

8. That everything is forgotten.

If you do not remember birthdays, anniversaries, meetings and important dates, then it is better to say goodbye …

Why would a woman want to have a man who is not interested in important details?

9. Belching and gas.

Do we have anything else to say here?

Which ones do girls hate more?

Would they add another to the list?

Men, What can you say in your favor?