Wonderful tips to support her in her “days”

It is true that a man can never understand what a woman lives during her menstrual period, the symptoms that “alter” her stability even become a reason for conflict.
To avoid it, it is enough to implement some tips to support her when she is in her “days”.

According to Giorgio Agostini, a psychologist, and professor at the Autonomous University of Chile, women suffering from premenstrual syndrome present alterations in their lives, they can go from crying to a state of much irritability, they get angry easily.

Love that relieves

When a woman says that she “can not stand it anymore” when she is near her period, she is not exaggerating, her body goes through so many changes that it is impossible not to reflect them.

To understand what it is, the specialist Eduardo Calixto explains what happens in her premenstrual syndrome.

But the pain and changes are not exclusive to the previous days, they also exist when the woman is already in her period, the support of the beings that surround her is essential, especially of her partner.

That is why we share some tips to support her when she is in her “days”.

Wonderful tips to support her in her “days”

 1. Exercise with her.

The gynecologist of the Alemana Clinic, Santiago de Chile, Rodrigo Saenz, explains that exercise allows the release of endorphins that give a feeling of well-being; this way the pain will decrease and her mood will improve.

2. Give her chocolates.

According to Agostini, women with premenstrual syndrome and in their period tend to have compulsive cravings for sweet foods; so a box of this delicious delicacy will fall very well to counteract her anxiety.

3. Give her a massage.

The specialist Sáenz indicates that it has been proven that relaxation or yoga therapies have an apparent degree of help; The less tense she feels, the easier it will be to cope with the symptoms of her period.

 4. Treat her with an infusion.

Agostini says that at this time it is advisable to use philotherapy (herbal infusions) along with the prescription antidepressants she takes.

Hot drink more love, a unique formula.

5. Make love to her.

For those women who suffer from premenstrual syndrome, the pains are very intense, according to Barry R. Komisaruk, a psychologist at the State University of New Jersey, orgasm can block pain and reduce menstrual cramps.

Women are always delicate, but when they go through their period there are biological reasons that make them even more, so nothing like your support to make them feel better, implement these tips to support her when she is in her days and be the best couple.