Women you should avoid relating to

Each of the men has his own code of conduct when it comes to relating to women, or simply to decide if that can end in a relationship. But there are certain women with whom men avoid any kind of involvement.

Women you should avoid relating to

Women you should avoid relating to

Although I mentioned our code of conduct regarding certain women, the truth is that sometimes we get into situations in which despite our reasoning tells us NO, our body screams with desire: YES!

This is when you must begin to reason with the head above and not with the bottom one, because if you act without measuring the consequences the result can be very, very bad.

Women you should avoid relating to

1. The Ex (s) of your friend (s).

It’s not uncommon for the ex of one of your friends to see you as a friend of hers too, and from one moment to the next you can become the ideal person to “comfort” her.

But think very well, because she surely has other options to “console” herself. And as wonderful as this woman is … believe me, at that time it’s not worth much.

There are more than 7 billion people in the world, of whom approximately half are women. You should see the women of your friends as men themselves, learn to value them.

2. Women with many male friends.


Really, do not get in there, a woman with many “friends” is an inevitable nightmare.

She usually starts telling these guys things that she never tells you, she’s going to have fun with them, she goes out with them.

Women and some men think that if we avoid this type of woman is because we are insecure and such, but nothing has to do with personal insecurity, but rather with the crap of relationship you will have with this type of woman, because after some time her impudence will be so much that she will do nothing but tell you about the adventures she had with his “little friends”.

In addition, it is generally clear that a woman who has many friends does not inspire much confidence, there is always an imminent risk of infidelity and better let’s not talk about jealousy.

3. Your ex’s girl best friend.

You must avoid this woman at all costs, being the best friend of your ex she must know in detail some aspects of the relationship you had with your ex, and of course, the secrets of your ex.

The best friends tell each other (many women presume this).

Which means that relating to your best friend is more a revenge than a repressed passion.

4. The Exhibitionist.

If I were you, I would avoid all possible ways to relate to her, this kind of woman always does everything in her power to attract the attention of the men around her … very short and perfectly fitted clothes to the body, necklines that show all and any kind of clothes which sole purpose is not to cover.

Women like this generally have low self-esteem and do not respect themselves, much less respect the relationship, because they will not.

And really, it is not prejudices or machismo, it is the harsh reality.

5. The party.

I am not going to say that it is wrong for women to go out to get together sometimes, but there is a huge difference with those who practically live at the party.

She can not wait until Friday to grab the jar and let it go until Sunday night, even during the week if the occasion merits it, they just go out partying.

Before telling me that I am wrong, think: what does a woman who lives from party to party have to offer you?

(In some cases they kiss more mouths in a weekend than the times you kissed her the whole month, is it exaggerated?) It is the reality).

Anyway, if you decide to relate to this type of woman, you will experience the consequences.

6. The feminist.

Friend, these are extremely boring and confusing, they also have a constant mania for using against you anything you say, always under the same arguments (that if you’re selfish, if you only think of yourself, that you’re a macho … blah … blah … blah).

Any insignificance she transforms it into an argument because she simply can not accept what you say, even when she knows that you are right.

And we better leave you here because the list is huge.

Just one thing, do not take these points as commandments because it is your life and you can decide what is best for you.

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