Why Do Women Like Bad Guys?

They always say that they are looking for a good, understanding and sensitive man, that understands them and cares about them.

But at the moment of truth, they end up leaving with the shit that does not comply at all with that definition.

If it is already difficult to understand women, it is still more difficult when it comes to finding out their motivations to do just the opposite of what they proclaim.


Maybe, but from their point of view, there are a number of reasons that lead them to choose this type of men.

Why Women Like Bad Guys?

1. The confidence they convey is irresistible.

Few things are more attractive to a woman than a man sure of himself.

Bad guys play with their own rules and don’t care what society thinks about them or how they judge them.

This confidence in themselves is hypnotic and irresistible for women.

2. They feel protected.

Precisely because of that trust they project, women have the feeling that nothing bad can happen to them, and therefore, being with them is feeling protected.

Not necessarily a woman has to have a submissive character to value this protection, it is something that goes in the genes of the female sex.

The protection of the male was, in ancestral times, synonymous with survival, and the females disputed those who could provide sustenance and security.

3. They pose a challenge for them.

Women get tired very quickly of the easy.

Therefore, a man who is complacent and who says yes to everything will lose all his attractiveness in a very short period of time.

Bad guys are rebellious and do not bend easily to anyone’s wishes. That is why this type of man keeps them permanently motivated since they never have the feeling that he is under their control.

4. They are attracted to the forbidden.

The bad reputation of these guys precedes them. So, in a way, they know that everyone will censor them if they decide to go out with them.

They are, therefore, the forbidden fruit, the trophy that everyone would like to possess but that brings with it a flood of criticism.

Some women can not escape the charm of breaking the rules and fall at their feet, even knowing that later they will regret it.

5. They are masculine and mysterious.

The Bad boy never has a frank and open smile, nor is his look revealing.

They suppose in some way an enigma and women cannot resist the curiosity of knowing what made them as they are.

In addition, his appearance is always rude and masculine, which still awakens more the animal part of the woman.

6. They seem more fun and exciting.

Women identify the bad boy with a carousel of sensations: passion, adventure, difficulty … This makes them totally unpredictable and, therefore, being next to them produces an exciting sensation.

Good guys are, in their opinion, dull and boring, since they are always willing to please and, therefore, always know what to expect from them.

7. They can not resist the idea of rehabilitating them.

That this bad and indomitable boy ends up eating from her hand is an idea too stimulating for any woman to resist it.

It supposes an absolute victory, the confirmation that she is above others that tried and failed.

That the possibility of this happening is so remote that it is not even worth considering it does not stop them.

As long as the world exists, there will still be girls with a broken heart for having fallen into this trap.

As you can see, it does not matter that the result of this attraction almost never ends well for them.

The reality is that feelings, attraction, and impulses are the ones that command in the sentimental field, and it is useless that hundreds of women get out with a broken-heart of their relationship with these guys.

They will always continue trying to redeem the rebel or live on the edge with the dangerous boy.