Why Do Women End A Relationship?

Many times it happens and we are left with that doubt: why do women end a relationship? Or, what leads them to make that decision?

Well, today, to clear that doubt, in this entry, I will talk precisely about the main reasons why women end a relationship so that it will be useful for you in the future.

Why Do Women End A Relationship

1. Man loses his essence and stops being an attractive man.

This is one of the main reasons why women end a relationship. And, who would not feel bad when she expects something and the opposite completely happen?

This is what happens with them in a relationship that seems disappointing, having idealized some kind of behavior on the part of their partner and with the passage of time realizes that it is completely different. In general, these expectations are usually generated during the “meeting” stage, before being a couple in itself.

Things like neglecting your personal appearance, neglecting your way of dressing to feel good and attractive to yourself, losing your future goals and becoming lazy, and who doesn’t care about anything, are things that make her see you as very unattractive and. Surely it will be a great reason for her to end the relationship.

So try at all costs not to fall into these bad habits and always show yourself as a confident, attractive and determined man.

2. You forget your friends and are constantly available to her.

Being surrounded by your friends is very important both for her and for you. That’s why you should not forget them at any time. This can be a reason why women end a relationship because they see a man without friendships, without contacts, without an interesting lifestyle.

That is why you should take care of that aspect and not downplay it. Similarly, women find it unattractive a man who is constantly talking to them, answering WhatsApp every 2 minutes or who are there every day for her.

Having separate plans and a life beyond your partner makes you more attractive to them and avoid ending the relationship, believe me, that for women, it is not attractive and can end your relationship.

3. Future plans are few or nonexistent.

Many women feel safe when their partner includes them in their future plans or tells them about them and she is present in them. It is one of the biggest reasons why women end a relationship.

Hearing of these plans for the future without being included in them makes women feel moved aside and that way they stop seeing the man as a good partner for their future. They lose interest little by little, they move away and may even come to believe that they never meant anything really important to him.

That’s why you should remember to keep your future plans clear and include your current partner in them to make her feel important and that way she doesn’t feel the need to quickly end the relationship, but rather she feels part of your future.

After all, women are strongly attracted to a man sure of what he wants.

4. Constant fights and bad times, good times are few.

The accumulation of bad moments in a relationship can deteriorate it very quickly and women are the first to realize this, feel bad and end the relationship.

A woman likes that her relationship is not based only on fights, arguments, claims and forgetting about the good things and the good times, this is a great reason for her to decide to break the relationship.