Why are women unfaithful

According to relationship specialist Robert Weiss, the difference between male and female infidelity lies in the emotional bonds that women create, who say they feel in love in 57% of their adventures, against 27% of men.

Why are women unfaithful

Why are women unfaithful

Furthermore, statistics show that women are unfaithful in exactly the same frequency as men, only that men “throw the bait” much more frequently.

Weiss points out that the 5 most common causes of a woman deciding to cheat on her partner are …

Why are women unfaithful

5. They want intimacy, more than sex.

Although women have the same sex drive as men, their sexuality must be accompanied by a close emotional bond that goes beyond sex: acts such as caresses, kisses, hugs, small daily details of their partner and to feel that they are remembered during the day, without counting a real communication (which costs so much to men).

When they feel dissatisfied in so many aspects, they can not only be unfaithful to fill the void of romance with the emotion of a forbidden relationship; they could also fall into alcohol or drugs to temporarily bury this need.

4. They have unreal expectations.

There is the ingrained belief of the “better half”, or the perfect couple, fed in a recurrent way by cinema and music; stimuli that in turn are extremely popular in the years of personality formation.

It is very easy to fall into unreal expectations: the promise of the “perfect match.”
If a girl is not oriented by her parents or feels supported or able to communicate openly with them, she may end up forging an unreal ideal of what a couple is.

When she can not get it, she drains her frustration by being unfaithful, because she feels she deserves something more.

And as a child, the following may also happen …

3. They suffered previous trauma.

Often, victims of child abuse can lead not only women but also men to have sex addiction or recurrent infidelity; they seek to experience emotional intensity within an aura of control, the same they did not have when they suffered the original trauma.

2. Chronic loneliness causes havoc.

Women who spend a lot of time alone (Maybe because their partner works far away and spends days or even weeks away from home) can fall into spirals that start with boredom and subsequently lack of meaning in their lives;

That lethargy creates a vicious circle, from which she will seek to fall into any obsession, not necessarily sexual.

Being alone for a long time, can cause the need to look for strong emotions.

But sex being such a strong hormonal impulse once the “second infatuation” begins, it is difficult to abandon it without causing havoc to self-esteem, staying in a much worse state than at the beginning (and with greater predisposition to return to be unfaithful).

1. They feel little valued and appreciated.

The simplest cause is, however, the most common: millions of women in the world feel that they are just a housewife, administrator or nanny, and have long ceased to be wives or girlfriends.

In other words, they have lost that emotion because of the routine.

In these cases, infidelity helps her to remember that she is a woman who feels and needs to be loved, beyond the functions she performs on a day-to-day basis.

For what other reason do you think women are unfaithful?

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