Why Affectionate Men Are Happier

Consent to the couple is great. Most of the time it is a very pleasant and comfortable activity, and best of all, it unites you more to it; It is simply an act of love where both end up discovering all the love they feel for each other.


And it is not just a task that women must do, there are many men who love to pamper and pamper their partner, and that definitely makes them the best men in the world. Being affectionate gives you a lot of benefits, that is why here are the 5 reasons why the most affectionate men are healthier and happier.

Why Affectionate Men Are Happier

1. Relationships last longer.

Being affectionate with your partner is vital for a long-lasting relationship. Although men feel more satisfied when they are affectionate with their partner, satisfaction increases for both.

Because they “caress” each other, they fight bad moods or unhappiness. According to psychologist Aline Zoldbrod, when someone caresses you, it is because they are more willing to be intimate with you, and people who have greater intimacy are happier.

2. Blood pressure decreases.

Your body generates oxytocin, a brain chemical that serves different purposes and is highly beneficial. So when a person caresses you, your body immediately produces it.

The Good Men Project staff states that blood pressure drops when our body generates oxytocin. That’s why every time you touch or hug a person your body responds and leaves the mentality where it makes you feel stressed or pressured.

3. Your happiness is greater.

Being affectionate with your partner can increase the attraction, and when this improves, happiness increases too much. Some men have mentioned that their happiness increases proportionally when they share more kisses and hugs with their partner. When these are prolonged, orgasms can appear more easily, and thus everyone is happy.

4. Communication improves.

By filling your partner with pampering, communication increases between the two, because lying down for a long period of time will give you the opportunity to discuss different topics.

On the other hand, when you care for each other, body language appears and words are left over, so they will learn to read their expressions and know when someone is angry, sad, tired or happy.

5. Intimate relationships will increase.

Human contact produces dopamine, a natural aphrodisiac that increases libido, which increases sexual intercourse. Although we have to clarify that human contact does not always end in an intimate relationship. Even so, lying down sharing love always leads to something else.