Why A Woman Does Not Answer Your WhatsApp Messages And Ignores You

Consider that she has a life of her own and she is not necessarily attached to the phone waiting for you to write.

Why doesn’t a woman answer WhatsApp messages and ignore you?

When there is infatuation the first thing we do is to report to our partner everything we are doing, and not only that but how and with whom.

That’s why when someone ignores you, obviously something is happening, however, it may not always be a bad thing. Although as far as referred to, definitely as it applies in the case of men, if she does not answer is because she does not want.

Although it hurts, it is very likely that she does not respond to the messages because she is not interested in yourself or, your insistent way of looking for her ended up tiring her and she prefers to leave your on “seen” to having to deal with a talk that for her simply does not make sense.

These are some reasons why a woman does not respond to your WhatsApp messages and ignores you:

Why A Woman Does Not Answer Your WhatsApp Messages And Ignores You

1. She is not interested in talking to you.

When someone does not respond, does not write to you, or ignores your messages, it may only be a matter in which she is not interested in talking.

2. He ran out of battery.

It can happen, in fact, it is the most common situation and almost nobody believes it when they are told, but it happens.

3. WhatsApp bores her.

Many people find it lazy to have conversations by this means, they only use it for the most indispensable communication.

4. She forgot.

How many times have you thought you answered a message, but you never hit “send”?

Well, this happens to the rest of the world.

5. She’s busy.

Most people do several activities during the day, this means that they can not be too aware of the phone 100% of their time, because they have other occupations such as eating, working, driving, doing schoolwork or exercise.

Therefore, do not despair if there is no response, be patient, because you are not the only person with whom she talks on the phone.

You see now that there can be more than one cause, which does not exclude another, and that also has to do with the administration of her time.