Why a woman decides to end her relationship

There are women who end the relationship to teach their partner a lesson, but this is not always a good idea.

Beware, if a woman decides to end a relationship is because she really had to pass many tests and uncomfortable situations where she never left well freed, we are talking from emotional violence to physical violence.

Why a woman decides to end her relationship

Why a woman decides to end her relationship

In this entry, we present a list of factors for which the woman decides to end a relationship.

Why a woman decides to end her relationship

1. They discover that the relationship became routine, custom and no longer find any satisfaction in any level of the relationship.

This could be considered as letting die all that originally joined you, mainly love.

2. Fights.

They decide to end the relationship many times because the couple fights so much that they get fed up and if the violence rises in tone, the best way to protect herself is to undertake the withdrawal.

And they end the relationship.

3. They get tired of being manipulated by the couple.

They are in frustration because they know that they are subjected to doing things that they do not like until they decide to finish.

4. The man does not have ambitions in life.

They end because they see that their man does not see signs of achieving goals, and they become conformist.

They need a man who gives them security and admiration.

5. The lack of love.

They immediately detect when love ends, the distancing and signals that they consider are alarming.

It’s over!

6. Infidelity.

And finally, they end a relationship for infidelity, they will not tolerate that their partner has left them for another or others.

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