Why A Man Is Still Single

There are chances that you have behaviors or thoughts that are not helping you to get a girlfriend.

Love and having a partner are always going to be important factors with which all human beings feel happy; although it is not everything in the world. There are men who are severely affected by the single-phase, wondering what they have done wrong to not find their ideal girl. Surely you are also asking yourself that question, you do not understand what is wrong with you to remain single.

Why A Man Is Still Single

First, you have to stay calm: love can be as flexible as you want, come when you want and leave when you want. There are chances that you have behaviors or thoughts that are not helping you to get a girlfriend, and they are exactly what you have to work to end the singleness that invades you. These are some behaviors that you are surely doing and that are not your great allies when it comes to finding the love of your life.

1. You focus too much on yourself.

If in the midst of your singleness you wonder what is wrong with you, your approach is totally wrong. Then you start exercising for the girls to like you – to name an example – and you put all your energy to discover what is the thing that keeps you going without a partner.

It’s time for you to leave all those things behind, if someone takes notice of you thanks to your muscles, then they are not really interested in you. People interest you because they get interested in you, they listen to you, you listen to them, and you both wonder about the life of each other. So stop worrying so much about yourself and think about how to add value to your life.

 2. The only time you meet women is at parties.

Parties are the perfect pretexts when you want to flirt and when you do, you are drunk enough not to be who you really are. This has no advantage, much less gives you the opportunity to both know the complex and emotional qualities that characterizes you.

3. You don’t dare to invite her out.

Chances are you are afraid of being rejected, no matter if you have many points in your favor: fear breaks all of them. You just see her going by, you see her photos on social networks, give her “likes”, but you don’t dare to talk to her. It is normal that you feel fear and pain when talking to the girl you like, but if you do not try you miss many good possibilities that could happen. Keep your security to the maximum and know her, everything could turn out better than you expect.

 4. You wait for the perfect woman.

There is no perfect person, both in men and women. Do not idealize the ideal partner, you can get many disappointments and remain alone. Everyone has flaws and strengths, so focus on the latter. The day you decide to open up to meet people who are outside your expectations, you will be surprised by all the women who are compatible with you.

5. You don’t offer anything.

One of the most important bases of human relations is that everything is reciprocal. All people who enter into a love relationship are because they always expect something from the other person: love, tenderness, understanding, communication, support, time, among many other things, and of course, also to provide it. Chances are if you are single it is because you are failing to receive without giving something in return, causing the other person to feel empty.

 6. You have many insecurities.

There are millions of reasons why you can be an insecure man, but it’s time for you to work on all of them and finally leave them behind. Feeling less valuable than other people is a serious mistake and will always prevent you from meeting a person who truly loves you since you are going to settle for the first person who pays you a little attention.

Always remember that you are enough just the way you are; Finding ways to improve is worth it, but it is better to work on something that you can really change and accept what is not. There is no better man than the one who accepts himself as he is and does not try to be something he is not.