Where to meet a good woman – 5 Places to meet interesting women

It’s easy to communicate with girls at parties, bars, and informal meetings, but things get complicated when you want to approach a senior executive.

Where to meet a good woman

Where to meet a good woman

Where to meet a good woman

A recent study published in the Journal of Personal and Social Affairs said that the place where we meet our spouse affects the future of the relationship. So here we present to you 5 places where you can meet interesting women, to have interesting relationships.



1. A networking event. People who are immersed in business environments are usually reliable and pleasant. Clinical psychologist Elizabeth Lombardo said that people
who gather at these sites have the sole purpose of approaching others and exchange ideas of interest. Therefore, it will be easy to approach women who are in such
places. The secret is to be prudent and to have style, avoiding an appointment for a drink immediately after meeting them.

2. A volunteer event. The people there present seek to increase the happiness of others, so they are happy. According to relationship expert and psychotherapist Nicole
McCance, “a happy woman is more fun”, taking this into account, a discreet approach could provide lasting fruits.

3. Stores specializing in household items and building materials. There’s nothing like a woman who can take care of these matters forgetting social prejudices, if she
carries on purchases of hardware, “there is a great possibility that it is unique,” says the expert McCance. There will be no better idea than to provide help if
loading something heavy or just ask about the improvement plan at home.

4. Supermarket healthy food. These places are full of women seeking their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. A relationship based on this aspect could be very

5. Courses of painting, music or theater. Usually, women who attend these courses are intelligent, sensitive and cultured, three major characteristics of the
interesting females. If you start by telling them about a book, your favorite work of a favorite artist, sure they will capture your attention from the first moment.