Where Do Women Like To Be Kissed?

Kisses are one of the most sincere demonstrations of affection, of course, depending on who is the person who receives them or in the situation they may find, they can produce different sensations. Women love to be kissed and more when it is at an unexpected moment and from the desired person.

Where Do Women Like To Be Kissed?

Women especially have areas that drive them crazy when they are kissed on them, and if you want to be the best memory of a woman we present the areas that you should not miss kissing in the woman. Regardless of whether you are dating or are married, you should never forget the detail of the kiss.

The relationship is strengthened based on details; if you want the opposite then forgetting will be the first step for this to end, remember it.

The lips are generally where the couples kiss the most but there are those who point out that even without kissing the lips, there are parts that make her transport herself to other places and even to want something else.

1. Neck.

When kissing the neck this generates a sensation of immediate pleasure and more if it comes from a surprise hug from behind, it is a very sensitive part and honestly, every woman loves to be kissed on it, since it is most likely the beginning of a good night for example.

2. Ears.

If you want her to meltdown, small kisses in the woman’s ears are ideal, it is not a very used area but if after this comes small bites while talking to her closely, it gives her so much pleasure that gets her in the mood right away.

3. Back.

Being in bed with your partner and not kissing her back is an incomplete relationship, kissing her back is the part she enjoys the most and more at the end of a good intimate act when you are hugging and as a sign of affection you can start kissing her neck and go down to her back, and she will be totally relaxed.

4. Belly.

Little by little kissing her and going down to the belly is the very explosive point for them, in fact, the whole area of ​​the hip is a direct sign of what will happen later and there the explosion is unique.

5 Interior thighs.

There are many men who like to kiss the legs of a woman, that really feminine part but kissing the inside area of ​​the thighs, every woman loves, and her pleasure will be very high and surely will be impossible for her to resist anything else.