When a woman stops loving you

When a woman has stopped loving you she will send very clear signals, changes that you should pay attention to if you do not want this relationship to end definitively

They say that when there is love, it is noticeable but, when it is ending it is noticeable even more. When a woman stops loving you is something that many men should know.

A woman stops loving you not overnight, each one has her personality but in general, when they do it is because maybe there is no going back.

It is pointed out that women are more devoted to love or at least they are the ones who show it most.

Maybe you have felt that your relationship is great, as a man you feel at ease and you think your wife is too, but in reality, you have not asked and suddenly everything is over, you wonder why she stopped loving you.

Each couple lives their relationship differently, but there will always be something that distinguishes most women.

You will know that a woman has stopped loving you when:

When a woman stops loving you

1. Do not ask, Where are you?:

She starts having less interest in yourself, she does not even care where and with whom you are, practically she does not bother you at all, even avoid getting the minimum favor from you, she becomes more independent.

2. Everything in you bothers her:

Minimal details in the house, simple actions as to tell a joke bothers her, she does not feel the slightest empathy with you, frequent fights arise, she simply does not tolerate you anymore.

3. She takes a long time to answer the messages:

When you have a partner, it will always be your priority, even though you are a busy person, you will take the time to take care of your partner, but now she simply ignores you, or uses silly excuses of why she didn’t answer you or returned your call.

Messages are answered late and sometimes she is online but she does not give any importance to the messages.

4. When intimacy diminishes:

Of course, when there is no love, the chemistry in bed is decreasing, intimate relationships are a key part of the relationship and now they have relationships almost by pure commitment, the act ends and nothing else happens from her part.

5. If you’re not around she does not miss you:

She can actually act as if you’re not around even standing next to her, now if you’re not around, she does not only don’t care, she does her activities with or without you and each time she gets used to it more, in fact Sometimes she does not attend certain places when she knows she will go with you, she prefers to point out that she is tired or some other excuse.

6. Makes plans without you:

Here are trips, outings to eat with friends, accommodates her vacation in time and only warns you but does not plan with you and no longer speaks of future projects, practically lives the day to day with you.

7. She becomes selfish:

Yes, her feelings get colder, she becomes selfish, everything is her and nobody else, although you always have to look for the good of the other when you have a partner so that everything flows well you have to find the common good.

8. No more signs of affection:

Small details such as holding hands, kissing in public, hugs, affection does not come from her part and if she does it is practically by force.

If your partner has more than three of these signs, it is time to talk, to put the cards on the table to detect why this is happening and more if it is a relationship that you do not want to lose.