What women want to hear from a man

The following is the second part of the above video about What women want to hear from a man.

10 Things what women want to hear from a man

What women want to hear from a man

What women want to hear from a man

6. “Tonight I’m all yours.”

Attention with the famous salsa song “Details” Oscar D’Leon. He says: “Take her out, take her to the movies, buy her a bouquet of flowers …”. It’s not just a few times
when the office hours or time spent at the wheel deprives a man from spending time with his beloved. He must carve out time he does not have and save a space on the
agenda to share time with her and show her with little touches that love keeps blooming.

7. “Use my card.”

If work becomes our worst enemy, there is no choice but to consent the lady in every whim in exchange for the absence. Raise the hand the woman who does not like
gifts, as no woman can resist against jewelry and purses …

8. “You’re the prettiest.”

Women are by nature competitive and often wonder if they look like Betty the ugly or they look fatter than a sumo champion. The issue is that they’re always looking for
parameters to be told they are beautiful and regal, and her intimate group of friends. So, if you want to make her a compliment, learn from the Snow White Mirror.
Not only tell her she is sexy and beautiful: Swear that from her circle of friends, she is the best.

9. “You’re absolutely right.”

Male pride has serious problems to apologize. Women, they say, are much more humble to accept their mistakes. If this statement is true, be male and recognize
your gaffes before you get hit with a frying pan. From garlic to love there is only one step.

10. “I love you”.

These are the two words that every woman wants to hear. If you tell her that with the most seductive intonation that allows your vocal cords, passion will be on the agenda.

If you haven’t seen the first part about the 10 things every woman wants to hear from a man, watch the above video.

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