What To Do When Your Girlfriend Leaves You

 When a relationship is spoiled, and for some reason, our girlfriend or wife leaves us, it is difficult to assume it the first days, and we do not know exactly what we should do. We do not know if it will be a good idea to call her, send her a message on Facebook or WhatsApp. In this article, I want to clear up that confusion and tell you what to do when your girlfriend leaves you.

First of all, I want you to calm down, you are not the first to whom this happens, when they leave you overnight, without explanation or even worse when they leave you for another, it is not easy to overcome it, but the anguish and the despair will get you nowhere. You must behave like a man, and know that you can get her back.

What to do if your girlfriend leaves you?

Many people say: “when a woman leaves a man she comes back”, and the truth is that my experience has noticed some patterns that are fulfilled to the letter in both men and women.

And in a way, it is possible to recover your wife or girlfriend, but you cannot be regretting: “My wife left me, now what will I do?”, The important thing is to act, but it is important that you commit zero mistakes.

You must carry out a perfect strategy, which basically consists of the following:

1. Try not to contact her yet

If she has decided to leave the relationship and you want her to return, you must start by respecting her, and that implies respecting her decision, you cannot force her, although you can persuade her, we will see later.

I know that it is very difficult to assume it, the same thing happened to me, but when you come to assume it seriously, you will clear your mind and make the best decisions, whether you want to have her back, or if you already want to pass that stage.

Chasing her will only push her farther away from you.

So get these thoughts out of your mind:

  • If I don’t contact her soon, she’ll forget about me and leave with someone else.
  • If I don’t contact her, I’ll lose the chance to get her back.
  • I miss her too much, I want her to know about me, and I miss her.
  • I want to apologize for everything.

All these phrases, and some others, reflect anxiety and insecurity in you, and that is not attractive to any woman. They want a safe man, so you will look unattractive to her eyes.

No woman wants to be with a desperate man who reflects insecurity.

2. Reflect much personality.

You must behave like a leader, they want to feel protected, it is a basic instinct that they cannot avoid, so you must show yourself with great confidence. But what does this mean of transmitting security? There are some characteristics that you can demonstrate:

  • When you speak the rest is silent.
  • Stay healthy and in good physical condition.
  • Show that you have confidence in yourself.
  • You are not jealous, you are happy just as you are.
  • You know that she is not the only woman, the sea is full of fish.
  • You are very sociable.
  • You are fun and interesting, you make women laugh.
  • You have very clear goals in your life.

Exactly! this is a man as God commands!. An irresistible man to any woman, if she repents it will be because she saw some of these in you. You should take these characteristics as an orientation, do not obsess about wanting to have them all. If you had all you would be Superman.

You should try to have that orientation, and you will surely get her attention. If she fell in love with you once, it is very likely that she will fall in love again, you should only strengthen your weak points.

3. Call her again.

To get to this point, you must have completed the 2 previous steps, only then you will feel the security of wanting to bring her back, or maybe not. Everything will depend on you. Your partner stops loving you when you no longer represent a benefit to her, but now you are sure to meet her expectations.

The results you will get will be unmatched, if you do everything right, I assure you that you will have her with you again. You will also gain something very important in the future, having a much more solid relationship. This is not a competition, so you should take the time to improve, do not rush, I assure you it will be worth it. You may not see it now, but in a few weeks, you will understand.

Always stay in continuous progress, be happy, reflect positivity. Without a doubt, reflecting all this, you will recover your ex.