What things do women like most about men

Men look the face first, then the buttocks, the breasts and until the last the legs.

The order is not the same for all but definitely are the 4 main parts of the female body that they notice from the beginning and, women, what do they notice first?
Obvious that each girl is different but at some point she observes all of the following:

What things do women like most about men

1. ARMS.


What girl does not want big, strong arms that can wrap her?

It is one of the first things they love in a man and for a very good reason; They are very attractive and can be defined by muscles.



Regardless of the size of your torso, that area is very comfortable and soft.

You can also exercise and look spectacular.

This is one of the most important reasons why women focus so much on that part of the body.



The wide shoulders attract a lot of attention not only because they are very masculine but because they give rise to very strong arms.

It is not always like that but they are still very attractive although many girls prefer their gallants with small shoulders.

4. LIPS.


Men also look at the female mouth so it’s not at all surprising that women want to know if they can enjoy full lips while kissing a man.

Even if they’re big, thin or weird, they are a very important part in a man.

5. EYES.


The look is important!

And we do not mean the type of color they have, that’s the least important!

Remember that the eyes are the window of the soul so they say a lot about the person.

What eye color is your favorite?



Big strong hands are a staple of the male characteristics.



Not for nothing do men struggle to get a ‘six-pack’.

It is a reflection of the hard work and effort that they invest in their body.

It also feels very good and so far is one of the most aesthetic parts of men.