What things attract a woman to a man

what things attract a woman to a man

what things attract a woman to a man

In this, girls differ from men. Perhaps we all feel attracted to a pretty face and a sculpted body, but women tend to notice totally different things in men.

Be careful that there’s no man around … Let’s reveal the mystery that all the guys want to know, what things attract a woman to a man?

What things attract a woman to a man

After reading this you will understand “what women saw” in that guy that makes them crazy.

Self-confidence. Women can not be burdened with complexes or insecurities of men, because of these, women have thousands. A guy who believes in himself gives women a sense of support and phenomenal support, plus it can be proof of success in his personal life.

Intelligence. This quality sometimes women find very attractive in men. Women are all tired of the fools who do not grow, still drunk and with the employment that Dad got them. Intelligence is a sign that the man is able to stand on his own and be someone focused.

Humor. It is clear that a guy who does not make women laugh has no chance of anything with them. Humor is an easy way to contact each other and relax. Not to mention that yields the utopia that he will keep them happy all life.

Strength. In this sense, women are somewhat male chauvinist, don’t you think? Physically the man is stronger, so women feel protected. However, it is not good to go to extremes; those muscular guys who only live for the sport, do not generate anything more than a couple of looks in women.

Mystery. I think more than attraction this is a weakness for all. Merely look at the man in the eyes and trying to guess what he thinks is compelling, even more so if women find some kind of secret talent. Girls need the mystery that they do not have.

Remember that women are all different, the same thing doesn’t have to attract them all. This is just a general look!

These are some of the most common things that attract a woman to a man. Good luck!

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