What makes a man more attractive than his appearance?

How many times have we heard the following phrase “she is very attractive, but she is with a man who is not”? Many.

And in love, although attractiveness is very important, it is not everything! And more than one movie reminds us daily.

What makes a man more attractive than his appearance?

What makes a man more attractive than his appearance?

But … What makes a man more attractive than his appearance?

Well, many things, like being smart or precise.

It is never good to look only at the physical, you can end up with a very nasty person.

I leave you with 10 things that make a man much more attractive and no, it is not his physical attributes.

What makes a man more attractive than his appearance?

1. Fights for his dreams.

There is nothing more irresistible than when a man fights for what he wants most.

Hearing him talking about his dreams and really doing something to reach them is an example of pride and perseverance.

Women love to listen to him with the intention of moving forward because he also encourages her to move forward.

2. That he has confidence in himself.

It’s easy to be the sexiest man in the entire world, but if you do not have confidence in yourself, what’s the point?

I do not know anything less attractive than when they have hunched shoulders, a gentle voice and when he lets the others speak for him.

When will he fight for his ideas? Will he let someone else decide for him?

Women want a man they can really trust.

3. A good sense of humor.

Nor is it that they are complete clowns, but a man with a sense of humor make women fall in love a thousand times more than one with attractiveness.

Women want someone with whom they can laugh, they can do nonsense together and above all, laugh for a while.

4. Have skill in bed.

It’s not about size, it’s about listening, being attentive and mastering the art of love.

Many men go straight to the point without taking into account the needs of their partners, without doing something sensual or even kissing.

Those never last.

5. That has character.

It is that force of having an opinion without the approval of anyone.

It does not matter if you eat ice cream after midnight or leave everything to travel the world.

6. Be smart.

Being intelligent is not about remembering absolutely everything that has been read in the world but the use of your knowledge to get what you want.

A man with a brain will survive and adapt very quickly to change without falling apart. It is difficult, but women simply love it.

7. Be considered, the details make fall in love!

The small details, even if they are minimal, simple or even cheap, can make the competition disappear completely.

It is also a good way to start a relationship.

8. Make the most interesting conversations.

No matter what they say, they will always have an opinion and data to contribute.

UFOs, cookies, bears, movies, animated series, etc. whatever.

In addition, it happens a lot that he suddenly ends up talking in monologue without the couple being able to say anything.

It is always better when both can speak and say what they want.

9. That they find something that makes them different.

We are all different and there is nothing better than seeing it in men. Do you like to cook? A thousand points for you.

Do you like to paint, play the guitar, help children? Do you work, do you have any dreams?

Find and make a difference, because you are unique in millions of people.

10. And finally, your smile.

There is nothing better than a smile!

Believe me, there is nothing more attractive than a man smiling at a woman and saying how beautiful she is each morning.

What else makes a man more attractive than his appearance?

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