What Is The First Thing Women See In A Man?

There is no doubt that in tastes and colors there is nothing pre-established, however, there are some trends that remain or at least that most have.

In the case of women they have a tendency already established with respect to the first thing they see in men, and of course, what attracts them the most.

The University of New Mexico and the University of Colorado published the results of a joint investigation in which they consulted which parts of the body women most see in men.

What Is The First Thing Women See In A Man?

1. The face:

The study corroborated that the first thing that women see in men is their face, obviously, it is the first thing that is in view but this part of the body is specifically what they observe more closely.

Women are especially attracted to the jaws and well-defined foreheads in the male face.

2. The eyes:

The eyes are great attributes in the masculine face, they capture the attention of women because they denote sincerity.

3. The lips:

In itself, the mouth is a very attractive part and is in the first places because women love to observe that part carefully.

If you have a beard make sure to keep it well-taken cared since all the details matter.

4. The butt:

It may seem funny but according to the study, the masculine butt is one of the main attributes that women look at in men.

This area catches a lot of women’s attention.

5. The arms:

The biceps and arms, in general, are a part of the male body that women appreciate a lot.

If you want to have well-defined arms then do some exercises.