What Do Women Want? The 10 things women look for in men

And money is not one of them.

Despite what is generally thought, money does not seem to be a determining factor for women when choosing a man as a partner. Other physical and psychological traits are those that prevail in the emotional decision of the female gender.

What Do Women Want? The 10 things women look for in men

A survey of more than 85,000 women around the world revealed the 10 things women look for in men to fall in love. And more than one might surprise you.

The survey, retrieved by Dr. Justin Lehmiller’s specialized site Sex And Psychology, provided participants with a list of 23 different male traits and asked them to select the most important when choosing a romantic partner.

The most important characteristic that women look for in a man is humor, selected by 53 percent of the sample. The next trait preferred by 44 percent of females is intelligence and, in third place, with 39 percent, honesty.

Humor, intelligence, and honesty. It would seem that, if a man meets those characteristics, he would not need anything else to conquer a woman, but they look for some other attributes besides this top 3, such as being trustworthy, having values ​​, and, yes, being good looking.

This is the complete list of the 10 traits they look for in their romantic partners:

1. Humor: 53 percent.

2. Intelligence: 44 percent.

3. Honesty: 39 percent.

4. Friendliness: 36 percent

5. Values: 21 percent.

6. Communication skills: 19 percent.

7. Reliability: 19 percent.

8. Good looks: 17 percent.

9. Attractive face: 12 percent.

10. Ambition: 8 percent.