What Do Women Notice In Men?

Perhaps it is a pity to unveil such a magical mystery, perhaps it is better sometimes to imagine what guides these feminine glances when it comes to looking at a man when he passes before them or at that moment when they discover that they are attracted to someone.

It is clear that each person has its own universe of weaknesses and hobbies when letting themselves be carried away by seduction, but no one would be lying if we said that there are almost basic dimensions, facts that on average make them approve with pleasure what they are watching …

Do you want to know? do you feel like entering the complex and fascinating world of women?

What Do Women Notice In Men?

1. First crossing of looks.

It is inevitable, we have all experienced it at some time: crossing the street with someone and being attracted to a face, a physique, an image …

The physical aspect is that screen that attracts us at first sight almost instinctively without us noticing.

It is undoubtedly the first contact; but no, let’s not just get carried away by this detail, because it does not determine everything in women, at all.

2. Style.

Once they have found that first attractive image, women sharpen their senses to appreciate the masculine style.

The way of dressing, of styling, the way you speak, your expressions, gestures … all of this shapes a particular style where you go through that second “scanner”.

It is a moment in which there is more closeness, more interrelation in which she can appreciate in detail those small features where the eyes are always attracted, the way of looking, the smile … etc.

There are studies where surveys have emphasized these types of details: What do they observe first? The eyes? Hands? The butt?

-It is what they usually say-, but the results almost always give a clear opinion: women look and value everything.

3. The sense of humor.

Let’s dig a little deeper.

We have already gone through that first phase where the physical aspect is an important prelude, to move to those essential dimensions for a woman.

Do you make her laugh?

Is the time she spends with you pleasant? Do you know how to laugh at yourself?

It is undoubtedly a very, very important facet.

4. Self-confidence.

The physical aspect has a lot of weight, we know it, but just as important is that they perceive that they are facing a man who is sure of himself, mature and with initiative.

These are undoubtedly equally attractive features.

5. Listening ability.

An indispensable factor, women like to know that they are cared for and listened to, that they have someone to count on before any problem, that it is easy to communicate with him and feel understood.

6. Interesting conversation.

What is the use of having a physical aspect halfway between Hugh Jackman or Johnny Deep if men do not know how to express themselves or are not able to say something interesting?

An open, dynamic, fun conversation, are moments where the true sparks of attraction arise, where both can conquer each other.

Surely this list has not collected all the details that make up the aspects of a man that attracts a woman, so if you want you can leave your opinion, we are both interested!