What Do Women Like To Hear In Bed?

When a couple is in intimacy, there are certain details that can make that moment an unforgettable moment, but there are also those that an instant can ruin the mood for sexual relationships, so it is important to know what women like in bed.

It is well known that women put their five senses for greater excitement, so knowing how to stimulate them is part of the game prior to greater intensity and that they reach the climax.

Therefore, we present some phrases that they like to hear in intimacy, according to the womenshealth.com portal, and that helps ignite their true passion:

What Do Women Like To Hear In Bed?

1. “You are the most beautiful woman I know.”

In addition to making her feel unique and special, she will feel aesthetically superior to other women and her self-esteem and confidence will grow, so her sexual response will be much greater.

2. “You excite me because you are perfect as you are.”

She will feel completely accepted, just as she is the ideal woman for you beyond her defects and virtues.

3. “You are good in bed and I am fascinated by your caresses”.

Thanking her concern for your excitement makes her feel as if she really knows what satisfies you and that you share with her what makes you feel very good.

4. Talking dirty.

Although you are talking dirty, be careful to say phrases or words that might offend her.

Bad taste words are not within the vocabulary of dirty sex, so the ideal is to previously agree on how to define them and tell what you do together.

5. “I love you.”

It is possibly the phrase with the greatest power for a woman because it makes her feel the most special woman for you, which will undoubtedly give her more confidence to reach the climax.

Not only will she appreciate that you tell her, but always do it honestly, otherwise it is better to look for another direction to the conversation.

Remember, bold language is capable of moving emotions and senses as another ingredient of sexual intercourse. Honesty and trust is a fundamental part of your relationship, so if you use these phrases or words, do it with the certainty that you feel that way.