What do women like in bed

The following is the second part of the above video about what do women like in bed.

What do women like in bed

What do women like in bed

What do women like in bed

6 – Thriller

When the woman is close to the peak of pleasure, she should tell him to stay away for a few minutes, but to continue kissing and caressing in different parts of the body. He should repeat this action several times, to take her to the peak. This trick can improve her orgasm surprisingly since the suspense increases the level of excitement at the psychological level. Remember, half the women do not reach orgasm through penetration.

7 – Hot areas

Men go straight to the point: orgasm. Which it is fine. But do not forget that the G-spot and clitoris are not the only key areas. Recent research on human anatomy, says the clitoris, vagina and urethra are interconnected. For an explosive result, he should cherish different points and to read the woman’s signs and see the results. She should invite him to explore all special areas of her body.

8 – Nice words and lingerie.

Before, during and after, the nice words are always welcome. Women want their partner to express what he feels, what he likes and make them feel sexy. For women, their bodies and how they feel inside it is vital for sex. Studies revealed that women like to receive praise for their rears, eyes and breasts: in that order. Maybe men do not give much importance to lingerie, but wearing it is “a state of mind”. The woman should tell her partner to let her lingerie on and have a makeout session.

9 – Not always ready.

Just because women are lubricated does not mean they’re ready for sex. The key moment comes once a phase called excitation “uterine temptation” is reached. It is in this stage the uterus leaves space and the vagina grows to a centimeter and a half.

10 – The atmosphere.

Having a pleasant setting with candles and soft sheets is very important but it is not the only thing. The temperature of the space in which the sexual encounter occurs should be adequate: if the woman is comfortable and relaxed, is more likely to reach orgasm. Moreover, as women are more susceptible to external distractions such as noise, odor or other things, should be avoided.

So were the 10  more common things What women like in bed.

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