What Do Women Expect From Men?

Men tend to be more easily attracted than women, men who want to seduce women need to have a subtle approach, since women tend not to want to go straight to bed.

Keep in mind, women tend not to be as influenced by appearance as men, there are other considerations in the art of female seduction, learn them and you will have much more success with women.

What Do Women Expect From Men?

1. When considering feminine seduction we have to start with the physical aspect.

Make sure you dress neatly and remember the little details.

Women pay attention to good quality clothes, clean and well ironed, as well as to clean and polish shoes, the latter is one of the first things a woman looks at.

2. Cleanliness and hygiene.

If you are not hygienic and well groomed you will not succeed in the art of feminine seduction.

So, make sure your hair is well cut, use deodorant – you should always just smell good – and keep in mind that most women love a clean-shaven man.

3. Be a gentleman.

One of the greatest assets of female seduction are manners, I do not think that all women are immersed in the issue of women’s liberation and gender equality, most do not.

4. Most women like a gentleman.

Open the doors, hold her coat, arrive on time for meetings and keep an eye on the details, it’s a long way, but it’s much more important than many men think.

The goal is to show that you are doing the best you have and that you care about yourself and your partner.

Women love this aspect of personality and they keep an eye on this to decide if you are the right man for them.

On the other hand, no matter how good you are, if you are seen as arrogant, indifferent and someone who does not care about his appearance you will end up distancing a woman who may have been attracted to you initially.

5. Move slowly.

With feminine seduction, the fact that women want to be loved and cared for should never be underestimated.

Women are excited with the mind as much as with the body.

When you and your partner get along very well and want to make a move to turn the relationship into something else, do not be too aggressive or quick.

Women enjoy sex, but they do not like to think you’re aggressive or just looking for that, so wait a while until she feels comfortable, it should not be years either.
We are talking about hours or days.

6. Remember that there must be a loving prelude.

Ok, so now both want to take the relationship further and want to make love.

When considering female seduction, do not be aggressive or make her think that you are only looking for sex, because she will get discouraged immediately.

Make her feel special, make her feel loved and appreciated.

Feminine seduction requires many previous games, kisses, and caresses, and goes little by little. Men who know how to seduce women know their erogenous zones, and explore their bodies with tenderness.

The erogenous zones to consider include, the inner part of the thigh, the neck, the back, the wrists, the shoulders, and the feet.

Women like to make love more slowly than men, and they will never forget you if they can feel that you are a special guy.

7. Sex is only part of the equation.

Sexual performance of men is much more important for women who enjoy sex, but you can always resort to a lot of pre-games to make them feel special.

The important point to remember with feminine seduction is respect for women in all the areas mentioned above.

Try to be as considerate as you can and you will impress your partner more than you imagine.

These tips to seduce women will help you get a relationship and maintain it.

Good luck!