What do women expect from a man?

Culturally we have been taught that we must have a soul mate so that we can live happily ever after; However, this will only generate erroneous expectations that can damage relationships or simply cause disappointment.

Some people dream of being someone’s priority, to be loved, not to be cheated and that they give them enough time, says Mario Guerra, relationship expert at Match.com, in an interview.

“We will hardly find a person with the qualities that we dream or think because nobody is perfect and many of those characteristics are imaginary.”

In addition, people do not understand that relationships evolve, that is, they go from being very romantic or very attentive to being less flashy but more stable.

“For example, when people have the idea that in a relationship should be all sweetness and the relationship evolves naturally to stability, they think that love is over and they feel disappointed,” says Mario Guerra.

What do women expect from a man?

Due to this idealization of Prince Charming, women tend to experience more disappointments, so it is important that they be more realistic and look for the right person.

Mario Guerra explains that according to a study conducted in 2013 in England, what women look for in a man are four characteristics:

1. Good genes.

Men with masculine features that have an attractive personality.

“What is called a biological filter?”

2. Right position.

Not only refers to the level of income but having a good education that allows women to feel respected.

3. Good parents.

Women are attracted to men who are emotionally mature, who reflect an interest in children and who are willing to have family at some time.

4. Good couples.

That men be attentive, affectionate, committed and that there is a reciprocity in attention.

It is important for women to keep in mind that relationships have different stages, for example, the first one is falling in love and physical attraction.

However, after six months you enter another phase that can last four years, where there is a lesser impetus to romance, but that does not mean there is less love, on the contrary, there is greater stability.

“In a relationship, not everything is about love; it is a very important and essential component, but one should not decide to stay with a person just because you are in love, you need to observe other factors like the previous ones to achieve a lasting and stable relationship “, concludes Mario Guerra.