What Do Women Detest About Men?

Over time women realize that some men are unbearable, so they end up getting used to or leaving that relationship aside.

And it is that as men see in women things that they do not like, women also have things about men that disenchant them, much more when they are beginning to know them.

What Do Women Detest About Men?

1. The subject of always “his ex”.

When women are dating someone and getting to know them, different topics come to light and one of them is the love past.

A topic that can be addressed only once, asking questions and scrutinizing in some details, but when that subject of your ex becomes recurrent and every time you talk about something the same person comes up, to the point of getting to compare her or make her feel uncomfortable.

Be careful, since that is a clear signal that you have not been able to forget your past.

2. He does not listen and only talks about himself.

Men tend to be very basic in many things, especially in the so-called communication, because they like to spend whole hours talking to friends, but a man who is interested in a woman has the courtesy at least to ask how her day was.

3. Stingy in every way.

Obviously, we are not saying that he has to pay or buy her expensive things, much less that he has to wear expensive brands, so that he is a good guy, since sometimes you may want to go out with her but you might not have enough money and that is where your creativity should appear.

However, when a man only invites her to go out when he knows she has money or always has an excuse not to collaborate with the bill, it is synonymous with lack of commitment and seriousness.

4. He knows them all and those who does not, he invents them.

There is nothing better than going out with a man who knows about many subjects and has an eloquent and enriching conversation, besides that, who is able to teach a woman things she did not know and who does it in a humble way.

But when that guy thinks he knows everything and when she does not know about the subject, what he does is tease her and ridicule her, it’s kind of uncomfortable, annoying and offensive.

5. He does not take care of his appearance nor his body.

Women are not looking for models of a magazine cover and much less, catalog models of branded clothes, but they are not looking for messy men, with dirty shoes, smelling ugly and much less that she notices that you don’t like the shower much.

6. That has no criteria or personality.

When women are meeting someone they usually behave in a different way to the natural one, but when the guy she goes out never has initiative, has no criteria and much less personality, she will stay away.

7. Rude and ordinary.

It is natural that sometimes we get a bad word, but if the boy she’s dating, in every sentence he says a bad word is a bad sign.

On top of that, it is horrible to go out with someone who has no manners and is ordinary, since that kills any interest in that person.

8. Mobile or computer addict.

If you are with a person you should pay attention and if you have a lot of delayed work or the topic in the cell phone chat is more interesting than being with her, it is better that you tell her and not waste her time.

There is nothing more horrible than to be talking to someone who at the same time is checking his cell phone every minute.

9. Looking at other girls.

The eyes were made to see, but if the guy she’s dating is watching all the girls who pass by in front of him, and even makes comments on them, she will be very alert.

It is not normal that if you are in that stage of conquest, spend it looking at other girls.