What are the things that women do when they like a man?

If you are one of those who practices this ancestral method of courtship and it does not work for you

There are some ways in which women show that they are too interested in someone.

But, these small tactics of conquest sometimes work and others do not, when they work is perfect, but when not, you may become the most annoying person in the world for your new conquest.

What are the things that women do when they like a man?

1. She tries to be where he is, she decides to go to all the possible places where she thinks she can find him.

Fortunately, some men are confused by what they will believe is purely coincidental, but others, on the contrary, will feel a bit harassed and uncomfortable.

2. She wants to notice when he is near, she raises the volume of her voice, she laughs hard, trying to get his attention.

3. She becomes the best friend of your friends to get into their social circles, for many women it is fundamental because with this they manage to look for him through third parties and know about their life.

4. Any excuse is good to call, she calls to confirm the meeting, the place and the time; to ask him where he bought this or that, or to find out how he is doing.

5. She always talks to him when he connects in a social network to greet him, to ask him about a song, an address, a place … for anything.

6. Requests things that she has not yet won, if he cancels a meeting, she complains, if he tells her that he can not go out with her, she tells him he is very busy, she puts herself on the defensive.

7. She is always available no matter the time, place, circumstances or people, but for him, she is always willing.

8. Her friends start to get bored with her conversations, she just talks about him!

9. She answers his calls quickly and his messages even faster and if he does not respond immediately, she starts thinking about repeating the message, because how did he not receive it?

10. She knows everything about him, she knows his birthday, his zodiac sign, his blood type, his favorite color, his music and favorite food, his family, his friends and she is able to even identify his ex-girlfriends or other women who are interested in him.

11. His hobbies are now her hobbies, if he plays paintball, football, Xbox or boxing, she starts to be interested in these activities, she does not care if they hurt her or if she does not like this sport, but she risks it, or in its defect she wants to accompany him and while he practices this sport she sits down to contemplate him.

12. She plans ahead with him, she always tells him things like we can go see this, or do this or that, always including him.

13. She gets jealous of other women when friends of hers or friends of him approach him,

she begins to suffer thinking that he might like her because as she likes him, it is going to give her the impression that with the other women is the same.

(Source: https://www.elespectador.com)