What A Man Should Do On The Third Date

Men must have several initiatives on the third date to make clear what will happen between them and women.

As someone says, the third date is the decisive moment in which it will be known what will happen to both people, if a relationship begins or if the attempt is given up. But it is mainly men who could have a certain advantage if they act in a certain way.

What men should do on the third date will be crucial for the woman to decide to continue and start a relationship or to remain as unknown, and even if he is lucky as friends.

The third date is always the decisive moment. Considered as the point at which important decisions are made to start a relationship or to end an attempt, each action, word, and even movement made on the third date will be decisive. But men are the ones who must take certain initiatives to make a decision.

Here are some things men should do on the third date.

What A Man Should Do On The Third Date

1. Steal a kiss.

It is one thing to steal a kiss and another to force someone to do something they do not like. However, men must make the attempt, if they did not kiss before, to steal a kiss from the woman they are dating. It is here when both speak clearly and say what they want.

2. Intent.

This is the opportunity for the man to make clear his intentions with the woman he is dating. With this, both will decide how far they want to go and what will happen to their relationship.

3. Say what you feel.

It may be that at this point of going out, it has not been very clear in what plan you are dating that woman. Since many times it is not demonstrated that you are intending to reach more than friendship. But the third date is the important point for feelings to be expressed.