What A Man Does When He Feels That His Relationship Is Perfect

These are some of the actions that a man does when he is sure that he found the woman of his life.

We have been told so much about love that most of the time we usually get confused or in our desire to believe that we have found it, we close our eyes, before the signs that tell us that we are not with the right person.

Although women have no problem expressing what they feel, with men the opposite happens, even if he does not say it, this is what a man feels when he is in a relationship that he considers perfect.

Science was responsible for confirming it since the American portal ‘Quartz’ published the results of a survey among more than 1,500 people who have been in a healthy and successful relationship for several decades.

What A Man Does When He Feels That His Relationship Is Perfect

1. You love being with her.

Being at her side is the best thing that has happened to you and you came to the conclusion that it is for the right reasons, that is, without any kind of social or economic pressure or because you desperately want to have a partner.

Nor to fill a gap. That person makes you feel good in every way, you want her and you like her.

2. You have realistic expectations about love.

The love that is presented in movies and series is a fantasy and you know it.

Romantic love exists only the first months of the relationship when the hormones are in their peak, with the passage of time it evolves, by different stages, some calmer than others but this does not mean that it is over.

All relationships have their differences and conflicts, thinking that everything will be perfect is the path to frustration, disappointment and of course breakup.

3. You are able to fall in love with the change.

You are not the same as a month ago, a year, etc, that’s why you know we all change.

Therefore you have to learn to recognize what you love about the other over time. If you have fallen in love with all the changes that have taken place in your partner and you wish to continue fighting for her love, you are undoubtedly in the ideal relationship.

4. You respect her in every way.

Whether her image, way of thinking, profession, traditions, personality, and opinions, and you never criticize negatively any of those aspects that define her.

You address her in a sincere and correct way, you try to be transparent and faithful in every way. You know that respect is what makes a relationship solid and genuine.

5. There is communication and trust.

You are not afraid to talk about all the things that bother you in the relationship, but also those that you like.

At her side, you are an open book, so much so that you give her the opportunity to write on it. It has not crossed your mind that she might judge you in a bad way, laugh at your opinions, desires, dreams or thoughts. You express yourself with all freedom and confidence.

6. Do not try to change her.

You like her and accept her as she is. You do not try to modify anything of her personality or control her.

You enjoy each one of her virtues but you have learned to value each one of her defects without trying to eliminate them.

7. You respect her space.

You know that for a relationship to work both must do things without each other’s company.

From going out with your friends and family alone. Having a relationship does not mean you will do everything together, in the long run, this is a poison for the relationship.

8. You fix your problems instantly.

When a conflict arises, you do not waste time or leave the other person the responsibility to solve it.

Through an honest, sincere and respectful dialogue you manage to reach agreements where both benefit.