Weak Points Of A Woman That Every Man Should Know

Turning on a woman is not easy that is why five strategic places are shared with you so that you make her very happy in intimacy.

The erogenous zones of a woman, some are visible but are not seen as it should, there are men who focus on the wrong areas, which has caused a relationship not to work as it should because they never discover those areas.

Here we share 5 of them to ensure her pleasure and yours.

Weak Points Of A Woman That Every Man Should Know

1. Neck.

Look at her neck, imagine it, touch it gently and kiss it, just touch it, breathe near her neck, be romantic, this point is very sensitive since the woman enjoys pleasurable sensations.

2. Hair.

When you kiss her, touch her hair, put your hands in her hair, no matter how you mess it, they love it, kiss her slowly and support her head by gently pulling her hair

3. Ear.

Continuing through that area, find a way for your mouth to reach the ear, and breathe slowly, kiss it, and lick the ear little by little, this is one of the weak points that will drive her crazy.

4. Whisper.

Prepare the magic words, these are also part of the seduction ritual, already being in the ear, nibble on them, and whisper how much you want her and the occasional dirty word.

5. Back.

The back is such an erogenous part and she will be able to experience the best sensations of her life, kiss it all, and when it is told you all, it is every inch of her skin. This will be to drive her crazy with pleasure.