Ways to seduce a woman

All men have ever wondered how to seduce a woman to fall at their feet, perhaps at a young age, or after suffering several disappointments with the opposite sex.

If you are precisely in that male group, questioning how to seduce women, you have come to the right place because in this entry I will teach you just that, the advice to seduce and conquer a woman. Are you ready? Let’s go there.

It is likely that a moment of your life has come when you are afraid to stay alone, while you see other guys with the woman they want without really knowing how they have managed to get it.

But read carefully, anyone is capable of seducing women, although they are very beautiful or are married. The important thing is that you understand and put into practice the techniques that I am going to reveal to you today.

Do not worry if the first day you do not get results, everything takes a while.

Seducing a woman, our big problem

We can not deny that seducing a woman is one of the biggest problems that men have, especially seducing a married woman or an older woman, isn’t it?

That is why I am going to give you these tips and techniques to seduce and make women fall in a “simple” way.

Ways to seduce a woman

1. Attract women with your Self-confidence.

They say that every teacher has his booklet and it is a great truth.

Maybe I can give you some tips to help you in this matter, but only you know how far you can go.

Surveys say that the vast majority of women value the trust and self-confidence a man has and that it is very attractive.

This happens because women by nature need security, and a man who inspires confidence causes that feeling of protection and security.

So if you were wondering how to make a woman fall in love, trust is a basic pillar.

Self-confidence is something that takes a long time, but you should go practicing it every day and you will see how quickly you will get a great improvement.

2. Appearance is not everything but adds points.

Although many women do not identify with the standards of the superficiality of today, the truth is that by our very nature the first impression is what counts, and that impression is obtained through the appearance of each one.

It is for this reason that maintaining a good figure or, at least, a clean appearance and taking care of yourself, will be of great help.

Using a good perfume can also help a lot since it will differentiate you from the rest.

3. You will not be a humorist, but you can make them laugh.

One of the things that most value girls is to make them laugh, so try to use humor in your favor whenever you can. With practice, you will be able to get a smile even in the most absurd situations.

Laughing about yourself also demonstrates self-confidence, which is related to the first point of the article.

4. Talk About Sex.

Do not think that women do not like sex, if you think so it’s a mistake, so tell them about some sexual experience you had with your ex-partner, then she will start to see you as a friend that you trust.

Seduce her with loving words, invite her to the next date, walk attractive, she will notice that your change will, she will feel seduced in the end she will surrender of love for you.

5. Show yourself responsible.

Girls like to be safe, protected.

Speak phrases such as “If you are with me you are protected”, “I am here to take care of you”, “I wish you so much”, “I will not let anyone hurt you”, “I will always be there to support you in whatever you want”, “I am falling in love”, etc.

She will feel passionate, valued and protected, she will be looking forward to the next meeting.

6. Seduce with the look.

Seducing a woman with her eyes is something that takes time, but I assure you that it is worth practicing, especially since it can be used together with other techniques.

The first thing you should know to seduce with the look is that you must look the girl in the eyes.

In addition to being something that they like, you demonstrate security in yourself and also show that you are giving them your full attention.

You can also use the so-called “seductive triangular look”, which consists of looking first at her right eye, then at the left and then at her lips and then start again.

You should look at her lips about 25% of the time.

This technique works for two fundamental things.

The first is that that woman is going to feel more desired, and the second is because looking at her lips will serve to desire her more and therefore to speak with a better attitude

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