Ways to know that a girl is flirting with you

If you live in the eternal doubt of knowing when a girl is flirting with you, do not despair!

Here we tell you what her reactions are.

These are the ways to know that a girl is flirting with you:

Ways to know that a girl is flirting with you

1. She laughs when nobody else laughs:

It can become a bit confusing.

If she laughs when you told a great joke (because let’s accept it, you’re the nicest guy in the universe) but everyone else laughed too … It does not mean anything at all.

But, if on the contrary, you said the worst joke and nobody laughs and she cannot7  stop with the laughter, it is very likely that she is flirting you (or that she has a terrible sense of humor).

2. Shows interest in your things:

Unless she is a video game addict or a soccer fan, a girl will NEVER care about watching the Champions League semifinal … Unless she is with you.

It is at that moment that she will become passionate, she will try to learn the names of the players and even put on a jersey of your favorite team ONLY TO IMPRESS YOU.

3. She touches you:

The girls are very specific with this.

If she touches your leg, your hand or runs her fingers through your hair … Definitely wants something more.

But, do not bother, the way it lets you know that she’s not interested is by keeping the physical space.

4. She gives LIKE to all your status in social networks:

For you, she may be a little stalker but for her, it is the perfect way to let you know that she is interested.

5. She writes to you out of the blue:

If a girl writes to you when you have not heard from her for some time, she is probably interested in something.

Regardless if she just wants something casual, talk or something else, there is something in you that at the least, she has you on her head and that can not be hidden.

6. Invites you to go out with her and her friends:

She wants you to be her date, there is no more to say.

7. She sends you pictures of her:


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