Ways to give security to a woman after having attracted her

I want to clarify that in this video I do not speak of a one-night stand, that is to say of the fact of knowing a woman and going to bed with her in the same night.

Of course, this is possible, but it implies very different things. What I mean now is a relationship in which it is included to meet two or more times before having sex.

Here are some ways to give her security:

Ways to give security to a woman after having attracted her

1. Be interested in knowing her, not only in sleeping with her.

It is often heard that women are afraid of men who tease, men who are interested only in sleeping with them.

A woman perceives if you want “only” that or something else.

2. Do not wait too many days to call her.

Many boys spend several days before calling a woman thinking that this way the attraction is increased.

The attraction actually has to be there and not wait too long to call her.

This is a sign that you care about her, not that you’re a slapstick.

3. Do not make yourself too disinterested.

When you are with her, do not give yourself airs, women perceive if you are pretending or not.

This means not playing with airs if done well is good and serves to create that necessary sexual tension in the next phase.

Everything has to be done in moderation.

4. Open up and make yourself known.

If all you want is to sleep with her, there’s no need to open up with her.

The opposite, if you make her know your deepest sides, she will understand that you want something more than sex.

5. Create affinity.

Show what you have in common, make her feel that you do not belong to different worlds.

6. Do not sub-communicate too much that you’re just a womanizer.

The womanizing air attracts women and easily, then, but in the rapport phase, it can be a problem.

That is to say that if she perceives you as a womanizer, you will have to show her the side of yourself that leads her to believe that inside, you are a good boy.

(Source: https://www.seduccionatraccion.com)