Ways to flirt with a woman in the game of seduction

What does it mean to attract?

With the term attract is spoken of a form of human interaction, that is to say, a series of behaviors that reciprocally have two people.

Through flirting we create attraction, that is, we generate the woman’s interest in us.

We “attract” her in the true sense of the word.

From the moment of the beginning of the attraction until the end, she will judge us by our behaviors to determine if we could be possible partners, and we will have to judge her!

In the process of attraction there are several components that can be used according to the will of each one, according to those that are more coherent with one’s personality: in other terms, look at the ones you like the most and use them!

So: what do you have to do in practice to attract?

What are the techniques of seduction that can be used inside the attraction? Which attitudes are more useful?

Ways to flirt with a woman in the game of seduction

1. Send mixed signals.

First, try to be interested in her, and then pretend not to be interested in her.

I do not know if a woman has never done it with you, but this technique has incredible power.

Then: at the moment in which she thinks of having achieved it (of having seduced you) it will be the moment to change the way of being and to become a little indifferent: this behavior will drive her mad!

Look at it as a game, it is not a way to manipulate, it is a simple game with which to flirt and that for you is very useful to create attraction.

2. The attitude of whom already knows how it will end.

Have you ever conquered a woman who was making herself the difficult one but, overall, you felt sure of the result? This is often the case with ex-girlfriends.

I mean, act as if everything she does is just a game seen that both you and she know how it will end. This shows a lot of self-confidence.

How to do it? What should be done in practice?

Each one does it in a different way so you have to understand what your attitude is, your attitude of who already knows how it will end.

3. The joke about the unsaid.

The soul of flirting is found in the fact that you both know that something is happening but neither of you says it openly.

You can also allow yourself to make slight allusions, she will understand for sure.

4. As in a game treat her as your little sister.

This attitude will drive her crazy!

Be clear: I do not want to say that you have to make her feel inferior; what I am saying is that you can bite her a bit :-), and if you have fun doing it, it becomes something very nice and fun, decidedly this is one of the seduction techniques that I prefer.

5. Pretend to be a couple.

As an alternative to the previous point, you can try to create a role play in which you are a couple for several years.

To flirt, ask for things like “how do you prepare dinner for me?”.

Tell her “tonight we’re not going to have sex because I have a headache”, and call her “darling”.

It is a way to joke and create attraction and at the same time create complicity.

(Source: https://www.seduccionatraccion.com)