Ways To Excite A Woman To Drive Her Crazy

It is very difficult to make a good impression. In a bar you can look like a womanizer; On a date, it is often uncomfortable. So what can a man do to excite a woman?

Here I leave you 5 excellent ideas to seduce a woman that she can not ignore.

Ways To Excite A Woman To Drive Her Crazy

1. The jokes.

Being playful when flirting can be very useful to excite a woman.

Women do not like to agree with everything we say.

Make the conversation warm with some fun debate that really ignites the sexual tension.

Do not be stupid and do not tell her she’s fat or something like that. Women like playful guys but never stupid.

Women say they hate when they are told what to do, but in reality, it can be a sexual lighter.

If you say, “Today you are going to be kissing me madly” she simply can not remove that image from her head (even if she denies it).

2. The look.

If there is a group dynamic, or if you are dancing in a group, take her and look her straight in the eyes.

Looks often say a lot and men who are attractive know exactly what it is.

Make her feel like she’s the only woman in the place. It feels great when you feel a girl’s eyes on you when you really know what she’s thinking. Again, the sexual tension is going to turn on if you do it.

With a look, you can make her die inside and make her think and hope what you could do both together if you were alone.

3. Male manners.

Who could say that being educated can be an aphrodisiac?

But believe me, hold doors, move chairs, say compliments, take the girl always on the inside of the sidewalk, etc. All of this will impress her.

It is very rare that girls are treated with respect these days. The reason why it is easy to excite a woman with this technique is that it really draws attention to how well you establish the roles of man and woman.

4. Subtle onslaughts.

Women are cuddled unnecessarily almost daily, hugs, kisses (among friends), so if you’re on a date and you mess around too much you might get things to cool down.

Try something different, the classic “reverse psychology” works excellent in this area. A man who can control his impulses and gently moves her hair behind her ear or caresses her leg lightly will meet a woman who will want more and more.

The less you touch her, the more she will want you to do it! Especially if you provoke her gently passing your hand down her leg or gently touching her hands. She will tremble and will hardly escape from having any sensual fantasy in mind.

5. Sighing words.

Tell her she’s beautiful, tell her she turns you on, very quietly in her ear. This will make her feel like the only woman in the place. This is especially sexy if there are many people around.

All this sexual tension will make her about to explode. Women are creatures that perceive many things by the ear, sighing words will make her tremble for all the thoughts that will cross her mind

Words are very powerful as long as you don’t overuse them or go over your tone. All this will make you irresistible. A phrase as simple as “I want to kiss you right now” can cause a huge flow of desire.

Using any of these tips can leave a woman anxious, but using them all at once will make you an explosive formula.

I just remind you not to apply too much a technique and always be honest.