Ways To Differenciate A Fake Orgasm from A Real One

It is clear, the human body is not always an open book, and when it comes to sex the truth is that each encounter is different, which sometimes causes women to explode in a powerful orgasm and in others they only just pretend not to hurt sensibilities, an act that has tortured men for centuries.

Ways To Differenciate A Fake Orgasm from A Real One

Ways To Differentiate A Fake Orgasm from A Real One

That is why we will give you some keys so that you know how to differentiate a fake orgasm from a real one.

Ways To Differentiate A Fake Orgasm from A Real One

1. It is not always necessary to arrive.

First of all, it is important to know that it is not always necessary to have an orgasm to be satisfied, each encounter is different and sometimes even if the woman does not reach the climax she feels fully pleased, that is why it is not worth torturing yourself if from time to time she does not arrive.

2. Everything depends on her reality.

There are multiorgasmic girls and there are others who have a bit more difficulty reaching the peak of pleasure, so before learning to differentiate a real orgasm from a fake one, discover their erogenous zones and some sexual postures that will help you guarantee her pleasure.

Signal 1: physical response.

If you are an attentive lover you will notice that before the arrival of a real orgasm there is an inevitable physical response: first heat and fluid increases in the vaginal area in addition to experiencing small contractions, something the man can easily feel, then the breasts harden a bit, some women tend to blush and their breathing is disturbed, and depending on the position she has the tendency to close her legs and press.

Other girls get disconnected, they are not able to answer questions, they just to feel the surge of pleasure.

Signal 2: the cries the eternal ally.

Shouting or moaning is not always a sign of orgasm, the truth is that each woman is different, and this mask of screams is what makes the man believe that she reached the climax, so it is important to observe her physical response and pay attention to what she manifests and wants.

3. So, what to do?

Do you want a guaranteed orgasm?

Listen to what she wants, do not miss the previous games, experience and observe her reactions to your way of doing her oral sex, the way you kiss her breasts or stimulate her, feel her level of enjoyment in different sexual postures.

Only then you can determine what your girl wants and please her without stopping.

4. The keys.

There are important keys, rapport, fellowship, giving and receiving pleasure is always important, but if you sometimes feel lost, in the face of doubt it is always good to talk, ask what she wants, what she would like for the next meeting, even if sex is great, there is always the possibility of improving it, so do not be afraid to venture.


Pleasing and being pleased is the key to knowing the points to unleash an orgasm, do not forget it.

Previous games are important to women, avoid jumping and give them what they want.

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