Ways to Declare to a Woman without Being Rejected in the Attempt

True love is uncertain and often the fear of failure is what limits us on the path of love to the right person but no longer worry anymore because I share with you some of my secrets of how to propose to a woman without being rejected.

Ways to Declare to a Woman without Being Rejected in the Attempt

Ways to Declare to a Woman without Being Rejected in the Attempt

First of all, I want you to be clear that you must have the patience to make fall in love the girl who steals your dreams because it is not something that happens overnight; it’s something progressive so cheer up! And let’s start.

Ways to Declare to a Woman without Being Rejected in the Attempt

1. Prepare the ground:

More than once you have heard that everything you sow, you harvest; This can be confusing but it means that everything we do will have consequences.

Bearing this premise in mind, it is clear that if we want to win the heart of the woman of our dreams, we must make our actions call her attention.

Something important is that we must be consistent, that is, that our acts of chivalry, respect, etc; they must always be and not only until we achieve our goal and this also means that first of all, we must be honest with her.

2. Show the best of you:

It is true, we all have defects and virtues and it is not that you pretend to be who you are not, it is about showing the best of you while you work on changing your faults.

Believe me that she will notice your changes and she will be attracted by those positive aspects in you.

3. Create expectation:

Believe it or not, this is very functional because it makes her pay more attention to us because of our contradictory behavior.

What is it about?

Well, of not always being available to her because if we do the opposite, she could easily take you as a toy and not as something serious.

Yes, it is confusing but why worrying about understanding them?

It is better to love them but before they allow us to do it, we must call their attention in this way but of course, we will not always do it because we will just push them away from us.

4. Physical contact:

This step is extremely important because according to the result, you will know what course is taking your conquest by what you do at the right time and do not establish this contact forever because she will feel invaded and reject you.

There are no formulas to know exactly what is the ideal moment but if you look at their body language, you will notice.

For example, if when they are seated, the direction of their legs is towards you or if each time you look at each other they touch their hair or some part of the face; You can use subtly touch their hands or play a little with their hair.

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