Ways To Combine A White Shirt

The white shirt is a classic of men’s clothing. It can be used to go to a meeting, to a ceremony or simply to a romantic evening.

We have it in our closet but many times we do not know how to combine it, and if you thought it is only perfect with jeans or dress pants, then you are wrong.


Daniel Linares, a male image consultant, points out that a white shirt never loses and is one of the most versatile garments we can have.

“The white shirt is such a versatile piece that we can use it at various times of the day, in different combinations and the result will always be the same: simple without subtracting elegance,” says the founder of the Manifesto portal.

If you don’t know how to combine it, here are four ways to do it.

Ways To Combine A White Shirt


If your thing is the beach and a relaxed look, this will give you freshness and freedom. Perfect for those parties that take place in front of the sea to say goodbye to the summer.

Linen shirts will always be welcome for these occasions, as they are a light fabric that allows the body to breathe avoiding sweating.

They combine perfectly with denim or drill shorts, wide linen pants or a total white look. It will always be a success wherever you go.


When a classic garment meets another, they become the perfect match. This combination is ideal for days when you want to be as relaxed as possible, especially if you wear dark jeans.

Short sleeve shirts are fit when you are not in formal situations. Remember that the use of long sleeves is recommended for two reasons, you can use it at all times of the year and it looks neater.


If you like to wear unusual colored pants such as green, yellow, purple, among others, and you don’t know how to combine them, Linares points out that the white shirt is perfect for that combination.

Remember, white is a neutral color and matches the vast majority of colors. Just make sure that the shirt cut is the right one for your body type and so, you will have much of the problem solved.


If for work you need to be more formal despite the summer, calm down, you can still wear your white shirt without any problem.

Just remember that, due to the effects of heat and sweat, it is recommended to wear a bottom like a white V-neck polo shirt instead of the famous BVD to prevent sweat from reaching your shirt, causing you problems.

As always, black, gray and blue will be valid, but you can alternate with beige pants.