Valuable tips that every man should follow to look good this summer

Men often choose comfort over appearance, but following these simple tips you can achieve a manly and impressive image for this summer, and without complications.

When it comes to attending a formal celebration, such as a wedding, or looking flawless for a job interview, some men strive to achieve their best appearance. But in those moments you can notice that they need practice and, although they try hard, they do not cause the desired impact with their image.

Usually, the pretext is that achieving a good image requires more time and money than is available. But the reality is that you only need a little consistency and attention to detail to get the best look, with simple and inexpensive habits.

Knowing how to combine clothing and having a good lotion on hand can be useful, but it is more important to be persistent. That’s why here are five tips to start improving your summer appearance and excel in your next trips to the beach.

Valuable tips that every man should follow to look good this summer

1. Keep a short hairstyle.

Believe it or not, a survey revealed that 11 percent of men cut their own hair, and if the rest tried, they would find it easier than they think. Of course, going to the hairdressing may be easier, but what is involved is to start doing things on your own.

The practice makes perfection, and equipped with a razor, comb, and scissors, some men not only save on the cost of the hairdressing but they also take care of their own hair whenever they want.

2. Hydration.

Men’s skin does not have to be as soft as a baby’s back, but not as dry as a reptile’s back. The sages of yesteryear already said it: virtue is at a midpoint, and adequate hydration of the skin is an example of this.

Especially in the summer season, the skin tends to dry out and that is why dermatologists recommend having the habit of cleaning the face twice a day when getting up in the morning and before going to bed at night.

It will also be very helpful to have a sunscreen handy to avoid stains and skin diseases.

3. Take care of that mouth.

Although the bright smile looks like a cliché, not for nothing do most celebrities take care of their teeth.

According to a report by the Kelton company, 74 percent of women immediately notice the oral health of men and 70 percent would refuse to kiss a man with poor oral hygiene.

In addition to visiting a dentist at least twice a year, most dental plans include whitening sessions, so you should take advantage of them. Pasta, floss, and rinsing are part of the most basic equipment, but they are useless if you do not use them frequently.

4. Take advantage of the colors.

Having a sober style may be convenient for most men, but you can take advantage of the summer season to give a little color to the clothing.

It’s time to wear the classic Hawaiian shirts and flashy shorts.

5. Well-planted and neat feet.

You may have gotten an excellent haircut, top-notch oral hygiene, and a flawless suit, but all that can be ruined by just a pair of shoes or sloppy tennis.

Everything wears out and if you do not pay attention to your shoes this can spoil your appearance, so it is essential that you have the habit and know the steps to take care of your shoes.

Every road starts with a step and starting to follow these tips will put you on the right path to maintain the style, even in the warmer climates, and be a magnet for girls on the beach.