“Uncommon” reasons for infidelity in women

Traditionally, couple deception has been attributed as a common and accepted cause among men, however, in women, it is also more frequent than previously believed. The difference could be in the reasons for women’s infidelity.


Journal of Couple and Relationship Therapy concludes that currently, about 55% of married women have been unfaithful; of this percentage, 90% considers that it is bad but it continues because it is in propitious environments such as the treatment with their co-workers or the access to technology that includes dating websites “.

Reasons to justify it?

According to the specialists, relationships begin with emotional issues at work or on the internet until they reach sexual encounters that in some cases seek to satisfy the shortcomings of their relationship.

Therefore, we mentioned 5 “uncommon” causes of infidelity in women.

“Uncommon” reasons for infidelity in women

 1. Because her partner is not successful.

A survey conducted in Spain explains that among the reasons why a woman seeks a romance outside of her marriage is because she considers that her husband is not successful or intelligent.

This is closely linked to the conclusion of a study conducted by English experts for 40 years. They claim that women are looking for intelligent men, with a clear mind, who are interesting and successful, not finding it in their partner seek to satisfy this need in some way.

 2. To have a good time on vacation.

This is perhaps the ideal moment in which they find the opportunity to have an adventure, flirt and end up in a romantic encounter.

According to Gisela Runte, author of the book “Why are women unfaithful?”, Vacations are spaces prone to fleeting adventures due to climatic differences and cultural diversity that excites the senses.

One night is enough to consummate the infidelity.

 3. Revenge.

Muriel L’Oisseau, sexologist, and psychologist at the University of Chile, explains that the betrayal of women is a natural response to her husband’s indifference and carelessness.

It also arises to retaliate the infidelity of her partner.

 4. Recover self-esteem.

As an escape valve and before the devaluation of her spouse.

Women seek to feel desired by men, so take the first opportunity to show their partner how others want her, explains the study of the Journal of Couple and Relationship Therapy.

5. The couple has mamitis.

The survey conducted in Spain cites as an uncommon cause of women’s infidelity that they are very dependent on their mother, that they consult everything with her and leave them in the background.

When they feel displaced, they look for the company and affection of someone else.

Although women’s infidelity has become common, 60% of those who decide to act in this way show remorse, according to researchers from the University of Talca in Chile.

As Runte explains, being unfaithful is an extremely delicate decision, after doing so you will live with that burden that weighs on your conscience.

What do you think of these unusual causes of infidelity in women?