Types of men who conquer the most according to science

Do You know what types of guys attract more according to science?

There are certain personalities of boys that attract more than others and this has a scientific explanation.

Here we show you some types of guys for whom more than one has sighed and, definitely, has fallen in love more than once.

Types of men who conquer the most according to science

1. Those who do not pay attention:

This is the typical guy who never answers WhatsApp, he leaves her on “seen” and every time he ignores her, she likes you more and more.

This has been proven by the research of the journal Psychological Science, which concluded that uncertainty increases the attraction.

And the simple lack of information about someone can make women sexually attracted.

2. The bad boys:

These are the guys who have a narcissistic personality and who reflect a great confidence in themselves and enormous security.

3. Neurotics:

According to the study carried out by the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, Spain, men who are obsessive-compulsive are more successful at entering into a serious relationship than others.

(Source: http://corazon.pe)