Types of men who attract women most

We will tell you about the prototype of men that women prefer. Take note!

What kind of man attracts women?

Well, apparently women have a stereotype of the ideal man in their minds.

Therefore, here we tell you which are the men that women prefer.

Types of men who attract women most


The Medical Daily website published a list of the ideal men women dream of, according to science.

Therefore, if you are a man, take care of that, since you may be among the most coveted.

1. Men who drive fast.


According to the media, an investigation in Austria found that “women can unconsciously change their perception of a man based on the type of car he drives”.

In addition, it notes that women prefer a dominant man, so they associate their character with the type of car they have.

Therefore, this is a relevant aspect that women consider when entering into a serious relationship.

2. Men with beards, but with little body hair.


The website explains that a study from the University of Trnava in Slovakia found that women prefer men with less body hair, but with a beard.

According to the research, this would be because “women tend to avoid lice and other parasites.”

Another Australian research found that women prefer men with a moderate beard, to be well shaved.

Therefore, opt for a beard at an intermediate level, as it is considered more attractive.

3. Men with a hoarse voice.


A man with a hoarse voice draws attention to women.

This is explained by a British study, where they found that “women prefer men with hoarse voices because that is a sign of masculinity”.

Also, another investigation found that most women do not like men who are immediately friendly since according to the study this would be a sign of lack of sincerity and “can be perceived as a sensitive and vulnerable man.”

4. Tall men.

Tall men are an ideal stereotype recognized all over the world.

This is proven by a study in 2008, where 382 university students denied those who were shorter than them, and only 4% indicated that they could have a relationship with a man of smaller stature.

The professor of sociology at the University of Washington, Pepper Schwartz, explained that “this is a cultural vision of women because being accompanied by a man tall enough makes them feel more protected.

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(Source: http://www.biut.cl)