Types of men that women avoid

Here is a list of the five types of men that women usually avoid:

Types of men that women avoid


1. The man with mamitis.


These kinds of men need their mother’s advice for almost anything.

They are unable to make decisions without first talking to their mother.

They transform their relationships into something secondary and completely neglect their partner, the mother becomes part of the relationship and little can be done.

2. The servant man.


These types of men are extremely helpful, at first, their chivalry is nice, over time they become a real headache and they get in the way more than they help.

That is what women say.

3. The maintained.


Someday they hope to have the fortune to bring money in their pockets, they call themselves victims of the circumstances.

They always forget the wallet, they never find the money, with them the excuses come out in excess.

They are specialists to never having to pay a buck.

They take advantage of women’s love to become lazy.

The “bad luck” pursues them and they hope that their opportunity will reach them someday.

They go from relationship to relationship because there is no pocket that can handle them.

4. The insecure.


Very similar to the servant.

The insecure can hardly believe that someone loves them when they manage to have a partner, saying “I love you” is part of their everyday vocabulary.

They are able to humble themselves in order to be reciprocated, they do not mind being trampled.

Stun their ears and never know how to say no.

5. The blackmailer.


His favorite phrase is: Don’t you love me anymore?

Manipulators par excellence, they like to take advantage and force their victims to act in a certain way.

They use fear, guilt, and pressure as a sign of their “love”.

In reality, the only thing that matters to them is themselves and their own needs, they do what they can to change the plans and they always manage to ask for an apology.

(Source: Nuevamujer.com)