Types of men that we do not like

Although they do not know it, there are 7 types of men that women do not like, like the muscular, the posh or the mama’s boy.

We give you the keys to recognize them.

There are male specimens of which we keep strictly away, even in lean times.

Types of men that we do not like

Types of men that we do not like

And, there are men that by only seeing them repel us and even come to seem hateful to us, like the muscled ones who find it impossible to tie their shoes, narcissists, nerds and big kids.

In short, an impossible cocktail for women.

Here, then, the 7 types of men to avoid, totally different from those women like.

Types of men that we do not like

1. The muscle man.

So bloated that he does not seem really convinced that it is physical is his strong point.

Do not give up on a single gym session, even after a week of intensive training.

He is so busy measuring his muscles that he forgets those around him, including women.

2. The nostalgic.

The classic type that is more than 30 years old but has remained in its youth.

He always goes with old friends, closes all the bars and isolates himself in the past, wears ragged sports shoes, alternative jackets and just talks about partying.

3. The low life.

The classic low life, who considers himself good because he wears a branded suit.

But we do not refer to the elegant style, but wears anything extra tacky.

He goes regularly to clubs and nightclubs while addressing girls with flirting phrases that women hate.

What he does not realize is that women flee from him …

4. Mom’s boy.

He comes with a Ferrari, he says he works in a big company, of which he is also a member, he has a house of fear, etc.

The pity is that all the work is from dad.

The moment we discover the Mom’s child is when she bursts into the room, a fiasco …

5. The handsome.

He is the most important thing in the world, possessive, egocentric, narcissistic, selfish, so self-centered that he does not care about anything or anyone if it does not suit him.

He is the typical man at night who seems unattainable and only goes to the mess.

But of course, it is that with him, it is impossible to maintain a conversation of a certain level, unless we focus on his beauty, in which case he will be more than interested …

6. The arrogant.

He is the kind of man who thinks he knows everything, that he has a lot of experience, from which he can shoot at any minute.

He considers himself a man of the world, shrewd and cunning.

He promises that by following his valuable advice we will become exceptional women.

Who wants an absolutely perfect and know-it-all man?

7. The preppy.

This man is always fashionable, has perfect eyebrows and talks about very interesting topics, just for him, like his last master’s degree, the last movie he has seen in the cinema, foreign policy, his super cool work.

How boring!!!

(Source: http://www.ellahoy.es)