Types of men that attract more women

His characteristics are very clear and attractive. The important thing is that having something of everyone, adding confidence and naturalness can be the key to success when conquering.

We can not deny that in matters of taste, we almost always have a pattern. Women are attracted to men who conquer them with their intellect; to others, perhaps, with their attention. Some more think that he is risky and proactive.

The truth is that experts in couples and seduction have defined which are the personalities that most attract women and which are those that do not generate so much interest, but that, paradoxically, are the ones that offer the most stability.

The psychologist and couple therapist José Alonso Peña is based on the division made by David de Ángelo, an expert in seduction, about the personalities that are magnets for women.

“Although I tell men that they have to adopt traits of all personalities. For example, have a careful and interesting sexuality, have financial intelligence, be empathetic and romantic. We can configure our qualities ourselves. ”

However, he clarifies that we must not impose to attract and that we can improve certain traits, only if they do not generate conflict for ourselves or for others.

These are the 5 most attractive personalities:

Types of men that attract more women

1. The bad boy:

“It does not mean that they have to become delinquents or be bad with women.

It means being very sure of your priorities, not being submissive and having a certain rebellious attitude, “says Dr. Peña. Not many will raise their hands to say they are lured by louts who treat them badly.

2. The adventurer:

He is a man of the world, who is willing to know things and live fully.

From trips, extreme sports, to art exhibitions. He is a man with whom women do not get bored and are learning all the time.

 3. Romantics:

They like to seduce just because they like it.

They are the ones that fill women with details and are always attentive to them.

However, passing the limit can be exasperating and cataloged as intense or cloying.

4. Seductive:

Very sexual men, with spicy humor, that make women feel sexy and attractive.

5. Natural:

“He who can erase all the previous ones is the man who projects naturalness, who knows his defects and his qualities and manages them.

He has confidence in what he is and feels comfortable, “says Peña.

And he adds that being attractive is not that others like him, is attracting positive things for his life.

Perhaps because they are the most attractive to women, the first four types of men, in turn, may be the most infidel (it is not a generalization). And, paradoxically, those who tend to offer more stable relationships, tend to be boring and uninteresting.

(Source: http://confirmado.com.ve)