Types of men that all women hate

Chilean psychologist Jacqueline Montecinos said in an article on the Salud180 website that there are 10 types of men that women can not tolerate:

Types of men that all women hate

Types of men that all women hate

Types of men that all women hate

1. First, me, second me and third me: Self-centered!

He is the typical man girls go to a bar with, she meets him at a party with friends or at work, and he believes that he is the only human being on Earth.

His conversation focuses on his achievements, assets, attributes …

2. Liars:

Women recognize him from miles away because he usually invents stories and denies part of his life to conquer them.

3. Controllers:

“Where are you going?”, “Who calls you?”, “Why is your friend so trusting?” “I do not think you have to stay in the office for an extra hour” … and the list goes on and on.

He thinks himself superior to her and distrusts her.

This personality bores her and makes her alert that he is NOT for her.

4. Male chauvinist:

They have many characteristics of the previous one, besides believing that their partner belongs to them, so they must stay at home with housework, taking care of the children and when he arrives to have his hot dinner freshly served at the table.

And we do not say that the women who do it are doing the wrong thing, it is the fact of the treatment that this type of men give that forces them to be submissive and to serve them.

An attitude that clashes with those girls who are totally independent.

5. Jealous:

It is the one who forbids her to talk to her friends, go out to have fun and that often is jealous of her own boss.

6. Cold:

They are as closed as a can of tuna.

They never talk about feelings, they close their emotions to such an extent that they do not express affection and become calculating.

7. Filthy:

What girl likes to see her partner badly dressed? To none!

This type of man is not interested in his physical appearance, dressed in faded clothes, does not know the razor, much less the hairbrush.

Ok, strawberry boy ends are not attractive either, but falling into carelessness is not at all pleasing to the female eye.

8. Loose:

The shameless who only lives to be given.

It is not possible that he’s already a grown man and is always lazy.

They do not like to work; However, when they do, they can not make the grade.

They have the habit of saying “they have bad luck”.

They love being at home watching TV, eating popcorn and playing video games … Sassy!

9. Mamitis:

Of the worst and most fled by women!

When they usually have a problem, they turn to their mother to “seek” advice and end up generating a conflict.

Or to make a decision you usually hear that an expression comes out of his mouth that says: “I’ll have to see what my mom says”.

10. Womanizer:

A man like that is not reliable because at any time they are surprised in full adventure.

(Source: http://siempremujer.com)