Tricks To Look Good On Photos Without Editing Them

Let’s be honest: when we take a picture, we all care how we look. Those images with eyes closed, double chin or hunched are not exactly the most flattering. It is so brief the moment in which the camera captures an image that it is necessary to take into account some tips so as not to spoil that memorable moment.


Tricks To Look Good On Photos Without Editing Them

1. Naturalness first of all.

Naturalness is the best ally of a good image in front of the lens. At the time of posing, we usually tend to stand up straight in front of the camera, creating a sense of unnecessary stiffness. The most advisable thing is to adopt an “S” posture, taking care of the hand posture.

2. Improve your posture.

One of the secrets to achieving a flattering image is to prevent your shoulders from being in a straight line so that your face looks more stylized.

It is advisable to place yourself in a 3/4 position so that your posture looks more natural. Also remember to press the belly a little, taking care not to holding your breath because it will be very noticeable. The back should go straight, the feet inward and the muscles of the face relaxed.

Continuing with the “S” figure, if you are standing, bend your knee slightly and lower a shoulder slightly so that you look a thinner silhouette and a more relaxed pose.

3. Take care of your hands.

They are a very important element to achieve a natural posture. Make sure you don’t keep them very stiff, have your fingers together and don’t show your palms too much. If you touch your face, don’t put too much pressure on it or cover it more than the necessary.

 4. Expression and angle.

Smile naturally and with your mouth slightly ajar. To get a good picture without the terrible double chin, raise your head and pull out your chin a little so that it is parallel to the ground. Lower your shoulders a little so that your neck lengthens and try to turn your face a little to achieve a more interesting angle.

5. Take care of your look.

The choice of the type of clothing and colors is essential to achieve good shots. You can try measuring the garments against a white wall to find out which shades are best for you. Also, try to make your makeup light and always load a translucent powder to avoid shine.