“Trendy” Things That Make You Look Ridiculous

Whoever said that these things are fashionable and look good in men, surely they were not in their five senses. There are hundreds, thousands of things that make a man look elegant, fashionable and manly, however, these are not one of them.

Check out what we are talking about so that you never do it in your life, or do it again.

“Trendy” Things Tha Make You Look Ridiculous

1. Haircuts with lines on the sides.

We do not understand who came up with this and please do not do it. That side comb with an extremely sharp line is one of the worst trends in terms of cuts. And it goes without saying that those that draw pictures or phrases, Oh my Good!.

2. Baggy pants.

What do they bring there? A diaper?

We don’t know who came up with this and less what they were thinking when they designed them, but they look awful. There is nothing better than jeans of your size that can give a little shape to those almost null buttocks.

3. Taking photos of your drink.

This is of very bad taste and more if the bottle of whiskey was paid among 20 people. Not even the wealthiest people with all his millions are used to do this.

4. Men’s handbag.

Not all are a crime, but you must choose the best option. If you wear it half of your chest, fail. If it looks like women’s handbags, you’re in the hole.

5. Polo shirts with the gigantic brand badge.

Don’t wear this just for showing off the badge. The true luxury brands in the textile industry have very discreet and elegant designs. Better opt for a shirt or a sober polo shirt for special occasions.

6. Dark glasses indoors.

Nowadays and it has always been bad for people to wear dark glasses in a closed place. They are called sunglasses, sun, sun! That is a very direct message, isn’t it?

7. Photos with filters.

What’s Next? To polish your nail pink? Will you borrow mascara from your girlfriend?