Traits Of Men That Attract Women The Most

Much has been written about what women like most about men, although it is a very personal issue, here we identify 7 attributes that usually appeal to all of them.

Traits Of Men That Attract Women The Most

Traits Of Men That Attract Women The Most

Traits Of Men That Attract Women The Most


Do you want to know them?

1. Poise and height.

When a man has a poise that makes him interesting, attractive, striking, sure of himself (and also his height helps him to say: “here I am”), women like it a lot.

2. The gaze.

The eyes say a lot about a person: how he feels if he is happy or sad if he is trustworthy if he is sensitive.

And that’s why women love the eyes!

3. The smile.

What to say about a smile?

When it is frank and natural can literally make a girl fall in love.

Also, by the state of the teeth, she can know if the guy in question is clean 🙂

4. The back.

The back is very representative because it is one of the icons of masculinity.

It’s not about being a superhero, it’s about having your shoulders demonstrate strength and security.

5. Symmetrical facial features.

Well, why deny it?

Men with those perfect faces are very attractive.

OK, not everyone can have a Brad Pitt at home but it would not be bad for a girl!

6. The skin.

The skin also says a lot about someone because, although we often do not notice it, each person has its own smell and texture.

From that, you can connect immediately.

7. Finally, trust.

Well, this is not a physical attribute although it also shows in how the man in question moves and connects with others.

Usually, a confident man will have a sense of humor, will be funny, witty, relaxed and a little hurled.