Topics to Talk to Women on a date

Since many have asked me to put a list of topics to talk to women, here I will put a list of things to talk with them the next time you go out with a girl.

Topics to Talk to Women on a date

1.-About Current Events.

Talking about current events is good to start a small conversation.

It allows you to poll the girl’s opinion about the most recent events and see what kind of person she is.

If you do not know the current issues, then you have to start watching the news and read the newspapers or news on the internet.

2.- Facts and interesting stories.

It helps to know a lot of interesting stories and facts that you have learned from magazines, newspapers, the internet, etc.

For example, while you are in the cafe with your girl you could teach her the history of coffee and the amount of coffee that is consumed in your country per year and there are thousands of interesting topics that could surprise her.

Make sure you flirt with her and tease the girl a little while you share your story.

And most importantly, make sure that she is interested in what you are telling.

Never tell a boring story.

3.- Who does not like Music and Movies.

You can talk to your girl about music and movies that she likes.

Observe what kind of bands and movies she likes. It is always good to be an observer.

Then offer to accompany her to see the bands and movies with you, it’s just about being creative in your girl’s taste.

4.- The interests in common.

Find common interests between your girl and you, whether it’s about cars, music or a certain pastime, hiking, movies, skating, soccer, video games, 3D movies and others

5.- About the Lifestyle.

Talk about your lifestyle and the things you did as a child.

knowing about her goals and ambitions in life is important.

If you are a man with class, you can talk about the kind of lifestyle you have (Where you are going, what you eat, etc).

Just make sure you say little and keep some mystery for her to discover later in future meetings.

Remember, be mysterious or you’ll regret it later.

6. Our Passions.

If you have some important passion (some hobby that obsesses you) and which gives the “chance” that she also likes, show her your enthusiasm about it, it’s time to surprise her.

7. Things that others do not like.

This is one of the issues that I often use more. It is quite useful to avoid certain behaviors in the future.

A good way to raise this issue is to find something around you that you do not like and say: as an example “I do not like that.

“What things don’t you like about that? ”

8. Ask about her occupation or her dedication in life.

The question, May I know what you study and/or work?

It is very effective to break the ice and show yourself friendly with a sense of humor when you meet a person in a bar, the super, gym, etc.

It is also useful to build trust in a conversation because people always have something to say about their work.